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Forgotten library book

50 recommended books

Adventure books

Humorous books

Promoting Literature
BarbsPromoting reading.pub

This is a lesson that I took with Year 4 discussing the commonalities between Star Wars and The Wizard of Oz and other imaginary lands.
The clips do not work from here, but I am willing to share it with anyone who would like to email me.
IMAGINARY WORLDS OZ VS SW.ppt (save for best viewing)

These files are A4 posters about Harvard bibliographies.

Levelling Reading Schemes.
CLIFF MOOn levelling 1.doc

News Passport - Year 3 lesson

Book Talking - Books that teach us about other cultures - Year 5 lesson

Setting up Olly

Permission to borrow out of age range
Permission to borrow senior fiction.pub
Permission to borrow senior fiction.pdf

Explanation to parents about how we will handle DVDs in the collection
DVDs in the collection.doc

Genre Labels
Audiobooks Audiobooklabels AveryL7651.doc
Video / DVD DVDlabels AveryL7651.doc