8 December 2011

The Primary Library is moving from Junior Librarian LMS to Oliver V5. This is a huge job because we have decided not to convert the data as it is not on a good enough state to make it worthwhile. The plan is to re catalogue 15000 resources!

I consider myself to be a pretty competent user of Oliver V3.5, but was struggling with some differences in V5. To undertake the task ahead I needed additional training. Thanks to the supportive management at my school I have had two, one hour online sessions with Sarah, a Softlink trainer this week. My colleague from the Secondary Library and two of his staff were also in the sessions so that we could discuss issues and test out what we learnt together.

This training was expensive, but absolutely worthwhile. The one hour sessions with a three day break in between worked well, but a week between would have been even better because we achieved so much in an hour.

The topics we covered were:

Setting up OLLY filtering
Assigning reader levels needed for OLLYSetting up formats for OLLY
Branches - deleting a branch and setting up individual homepages
Handling serials...this was amazing. I had been told that I might not like serials in V5, but now that I know how I think it is great. No separate indexing. Once we get used to it it will be so easy.
We spent time looking at parameters that will
  • improve searching
  • enhance searching - this is a simply amazing feature called "search url" so powerful and useful
  • page editing - so useful for reporting

We looked at security settings that will enable us to be selective about what users see in the OPAC
We discussed class loans which are closely linked to resource boxes. We had spent some time learning to use resource boxes together earlier in the week.

We discussed SCIS vs SCOT subject headings. We currently bring both down in z-cataloguing. You can choose to turn one off to stop duplicate headings.

The Secondary Library is having an issue with RFID and the circulation module. The RFID system requires use of a function or Ctrl key to toggle between loans and returns. This is not currently available.

As with all dealings with Softlink there was a lot of "that will be available in the next version". Sarah assures us that the next version is due early next year, so I am happy with that.

Basically, I am very excited it V5 seems like a great product. Now I just need to make a dent in those 15000 resources!